Pavitra Ganga

An EU-India project unlocking wastewater treatment,water re-use and resource recovery opportunities for urban and peri-urban areas in India.

The Pavitra Ganga project ended at the end of January 2024 after five intense years of research and collaboration.


Our results and conclusions are grouped and presented below in six themes in line with our work packages.


Co-creation, policy support and safety planning

Monitoring and Modelling

Quality/quantity monitoring and modelling for Kanpur & New Delhi

Treatment and recovery technologies

Innovative wastewater treatment and resource recovery technologies


Validation of technologies at the pilot sites

Education and training

Capacity building for water professionals and stakeholders

Market uptake and business development

Market opportunities for sustainable wastewater treatment in India


Pavitra Ganga concludes with lively Final Conference in New Delhi


New scientific article describes optimal combination of mesh pore size and operational features for self-forming dynamic membrane bioreactor

Master students undertook their thesis research in Kanpur

Recommendations for investments in water reuse and resource recovery for the Kanpur Nagar region

Workshop unravels the practical use of decision support tools for smart water management

Pavitra Ganga concludes with lively Final Conference in New Delhi

Online workshop presents citizen-led water quality monitoring

Lively interest in workshop on innovative wastewater treatment technologies

European and Indian partners visit pilot sites in Kanpur and New Delhi

Pavitra Ganga consortium gathers in Antwerp for its 4th General Assembly

Scientific article on successful chromium removal through adsorption and ion exchange with structured adsorbents 

Joint EU-India Water Projects webinar focuses on capacity building

Pavitra Ganga technologies on video

Demonstration Site New Delhi

The Barrapullah drain

The 1.25 million Liters of wastewater that passes daily through the Barapullah drain systems make it an ideal demonstration site for the technologies that Pavitra Ganga will test.


Demonstration Site Kanpur

The Jajmau Sewage Treatment Plant

The three different treatment plants at Jajmau (Kanpur) are underperforming and cause different kinds of environmental pollution. This demonstration site offers thus the opportunity to test decentralised treatment solutions for secondary and advanced treatment in specific real-life conditions and to detect and remediate problems as a result of upscaling.

Jajmau STP

Pavitra Ganga and the EU-India Water Projects