The Pavitra Ganga project's aim is to define innovative, cost effective and energy efficient solutions for the treatment of (unregulated) drains in India. By improving the existing treatment installations, as well as decentralized sewage treatment for urban and peri-urban settings, we will take advantage of the economic and development opportunities of water re-use and recovery of resources within the framework of the Circular Economy.

Mission Statement

By focussing on the three following pillars we ensure maximum impact:

People: we create social awareness through a participatory monitoring approach. We target social vulnerable groups by providing treatment solutions for open drains. We create a community of practitioners by the establishment of open innovation test sites and a training & learning network.

Planet: we focus on rejuvenation of the river by removing organic pollution, heavy metals and emerging compounds that have the biggest impact on Indian streams. We provide technology innovations to upgrade existing wastewater infrastructure and to add treatment systems to open drains, resulting in improved quality of receiving rivers.

Profit: we apply the principles of the Circular Economy and exploit the economic opportunities of waste-to-energy, water reuse and resource recovery. Solutions are cost efficient and require limited investments making them particularly suited for the Indian market.

PAVITRA GANGA is a research and innovation project funded by the European Union (Horizon 2020) and the Government of India (Department of Biotechnology - DBT). It started officially 1 February 2019 and will be completed 31 January 2024.

India’s water resources are under severe stress resulting from overexploitation and pollution.

To achieve the goals of PAVITRA GANGA we have set a number of specific objectives.