Work packages

Pavitra Ganga has work packages that set out the principle research activities of the project.

PAVITRA GANGA aims to create policy and social support for innovative technologies and concepts through a co-creation process in which stakeholders are engaged in the framing of the problem and the creation of promising water management solutions. Problem-focused learning processes and decision support models will lead to targeted decision support to policy makers.

Water quality and quantity monitoring and modelling is required to control and manage water resources effectively. PAVITRA GANGA aimed to deliver robust, smart, and comprehensive solutions to improve knowledge and understanding of the hydrological regime.

Pavitra Ganga tests and demonstrates innovative waste water treatment and resource recovery technologies both lab scale and in real life Indian conditions. Discover the technologies here.

Pavitra Ganga validates the selected technologies at the demonstration sites and demonstrates modular wastewater treatment solutions in specific setups.

PAVITRA GANGA aims to establish an EU-India business platform to ensure future market uptake and business development of the demonstrated wastewater treatment and recovery technologies as well as monitoring and modelling services.