Monitoring and modelling

Water quality and quantity monitoring and modelling is required to control and manage water resources effectively. PAVITRA GANGA aims to deliver robust, smart, and comprehensive solutions to improve knowledge and understanding of the hydrological regime. This will enhance the control and the management of technological solutions and assess the impact of mitigation measures and scenarios for urban planners.


• Establish a benchmark assessment of local water quality and quantity and existing infrastructures

• Establish citizen involvement and interest in wastewater issues by engaging stakeholders to use low cost mobile

monitoring tools

• Establish a stationary sensor monitoring network to evaluate the performance of technological solutions for improving

water quality to receiving surface water bodies and improve operation and maintenance of facilities

• Develop regional water quantity and water quality modelling scenarios for impact assessments and planning

• Develop an easy to use web based regional water management dashboard that incorporates water quantity and quality

and operational control.

IRAP, CNR-IRSA, VITO, IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi are working together to implement a modelling strategy to analyse the changes in water availability and quality in response to a range of water management interventions, consisting of different degrees of wastewater treatment and disposal and water use efficiency improvements in various sectors.

VITO, IRAP, CNR-IRSA, IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi are working together to create enhanced land use maps which better characterize and differentiate industrialized regions via ground based validation and remote sensing.

AKVO is working with IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi and VITO to deliver a water quality monitoring approach using hand held devices and Akvo Flow and Akvo Caddisfly tools.

VITO is working together with IIT Delhi to design and install smart grab samplers at two locations within the Barapullah Drain area.  

Aqua Q, IIT Delhi and IHE Delft are working together to demonstrate the AQUATRACK® service to monitor the effluent quality of the Aerobic MBR that will be installed at the Barapullah Drain innovation site.

VITO will work together with AKVO, Aqua-Q and CNR-IRSA to develop a web-based information dashboard that provides easy access to relevant water information in the two case areas.