Pavitra Ganga Open Course Network

Pavitra Ganga offers online course materials to build the capacity of (Indian) water professionals. The courses are based on the research work of the project and the Pavitra Ganga workshops.

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Decision Analysis Processes to support wastewater management

This course deals with processes to facilitate multi-actor problem structuring and multi-criteria decision analysis for the development and appraisal of options to jointly address shared problems.


The demosite at New Delhi

Minimizing Occupational Risks in Wastewater Treatment: Safety Planning for Wastewater reuse

The course presents the major health hazards related to wastewater handling, the international occupational safety and health guidelines for wastewater treatment workers and the development and implementation of occupational safety and health guidelines in the Indian context.

Innovative technologies for wastewater treatment and reuse/recovery

In this course, the participants learn about innovative wastewater treatment and resource recovery technologies and enhance their physicochemical and biological wastewater quality monitoring skills.


Benchmarking water quality and quantity and use of mobile monitoring solutions

A workshop on Akvo’s data collection and monitoring tool will be given, which includes geo-tagged data collection mobile monitoring solutions (low cost sensors + smart phones) and a network of stationary real time monitoring sensors, can quickly and accurately map situations and track changes.

Water management decision support systems

The use of decision support tools for analyzing water resource management challenges.



Indian wastewater: challenges and solutions

In this workshop we will create awareness among EU stakeholders (research, government and private) of the main challenges for India’s wastewater treatment. We will focus on the most important pollutants, emerging pollutants, specific climate and hydrological conditions, the economic framework, policy and regulatory framework, …