Workshop unravels the practical use of decision support tools for smart water management

On 22 January 2024 Pavitra Ganga organised its training workshop on ‘The Use of Decision Support Tools for Analysing Water Resource Management Challenges’. The workshop was hosted by TERI at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. It was led by IRAP with the support of VITO.

33 participants (20 live and 13 online) joined to connect and learn about decision support tools that bring actionable insights for key questions in water management.

After a welcome word and an introduction by Pavitra Ganga coordinators Paul Campling (VITO) and Anshuman (TERI), Dr. M. Dinesh Kumar (IRAP) presented the two demonstration areas of Pavitra Ganga and their specific water problems. 

This was followed by an overview by Dr. Kumar of the tools for groundwater modelling, catchment assessment and management, flood management, water balance studies and water resources planning. Dr. Kumar also presented some case studies on the application of Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) system for river basin planning.

Mr Saikat Mandal, researcher at IRAP, prepared the presentation on the applications of remote sensing and GIS in computation of runoff from rainfall and Ms Vaishnavi Pna (IRAP) prepared the presentation on the set-up of a WEAP system and the running of scenarios for river basins.

Sofie Van Ermen (VITO) presented the use of sensors for water quality management in India and Europe, also highlighting the recent outcomes of both the Internet of Water and AquaSpice research and innovation projects that are running in parallel. 

The presentations of this workshop will be transformed into course material for the open course network of Pavitra Ganga. Discover the open course network and register here.