Pavitra Ganga Open Course Network: overview

Overview of the courses

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Decision Analysis Processes to support wastewater management

This course deals with processes to facilitate multi-actor problem structuring and multi-criteria decision analysis for the development and appraisal of options to jointly address shared problems.



Organised online on 10 April 2022

The demosite at New Delhi

Minimizing Occupational Risks in Wastewater Treatment: Safety Planning for Wastewater reuse

he course presents the major health hazards related to wastewater handling, the international occupational safety and health guidelines for wastewater treatment workers and the development and implementation of occupational safety and health guidelines in the Indian context.

Organised on 15 January 2023 at IWA Conference Chennai

Innovative technologies for wastewater treatment and reuse/recovery

In this course, the participants learn about innovative wastewater treatment and resource recovery technologies and enhance their physicochemical and biological wastewater quality monitoring skills.


Organised on 27 and 28 September 2023 at IIT Delhi

Citizen-led mobile water quality monitoring: challenges and best practices

When citizens actively engage in data collection and monitoring efforts, they transform from passive recipients of development initiatives into empowered stakeholders and catalysts for change.
In this course, we show how to integrate seamlessly citizens into the data-to-decision making process, highlighting the pivotal role digital tools play in this transformation.

Organised on 18th January 2024 as a webinar.

Water management decision support systems


A course about decision support tools for water resources management, for both water quantity and quality management in India.




This course was organised on 22 January 2024 in New Delhi.

Indian wastewater: challenges and solutions

In this course we focus on the main challenges for India’s wastewater treatment. We bring an overview of the most important pollutants and the technologies piloted by Pavitra Ganga. We also have a look at contaminants of emerging concern, the  specific climate and hydrological conditions, the economic framework and the policy and regulatory framework in India.

The course material is based on the presentations and keynotes given at Pavitra Ganga's final conference (24th January 2024).