Pavitra Ganga technologies on video

We took advantage of our project visit in January to the pilot site in Kanpur to produce some videos of the tested technologies.

Self Forming Dynamic Membrane Bioreactor (SFD-MBR)

One of the technologies that are piloted at the Pavitra Ganga demo site in Kanpur is the Self Forming Dynamic Membrane Bioreactor (SFD-MBR).
It's a novel approach toward a more sustainable  MBR  process: the “temporary” filtering layers are formed on a supporting surface made of relatively coarse material (pore size of tens of μm).
The dynamic membranes are composed of the  activated sludge  suspended in the mixed liquor that tends to deposit onto the supporting medium, providing effluent quality comparable to conventional UF-based MBR. The avantages of SFD-MBR are mainly lower capital costs and lower energy requirements with respect to conventional MBR systems.

Dr. Alfieri Pollice  from CNR-IRSA Water Research Institute in Italy tells us about the pilot and the results.

PhD Student Arvind Shakya from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur explains the functioning of the system at the pilot site.

Constructed Wetland Plus technology

PhD student Auchitya from IIT Kanpur explains us the Constructed Wetland+ technology developed at  Hochschule Bochum (HBO) that is currently piloted at our Kanpur demosite.
It combines vertical flow constructed wetlands with adsorptive elements and specific sorbents (carbon and zeolite) for that remove heavy metals and other contaminants of concern.

In the coming time, new technology videos will be shown on our social media.
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