Pavitra Ganga Consultation Workshop

At the workshops in Delhi and Kanpur, the innovative wastewater treatment and reuse technologies that are being developed and piloted in the Pavitra Ganga Project in Delhi and Kanpur will be briefly presented.

For the Project it is important to better understand the current wastewater situation and practices, what the past experiences with wastewater treatment, reuse and resource recovery are, and how to envisage the future of wastewater treatment, reuse and resources recovery in


The workshop will be split up into 3 different facilitated sessions:
Session 1: A plenary to introduce the project and workshop followed by a consultation.
Session 2: Engagement on the current opportunities and constraints of wastewater treatment
systems with focus on policy, governance practices, and technologies.
Session 3: Discussion on past experiences with wastewater treatment, reuse and resource recovery.
Conclusion: To gather the key take-away messages from the workshop on future wastewater
treatment possibilities and the ways forward for Pavitra Ganga.