Joint Webinar shows the way towards zero water pollution in India

On 8 June 2021 Pavitra Ganga organised a joint webinar with four other EU-India Water projects (Pani Water, Lotus, India H20 and Pavitr)  during the European Green Week 2021 online conference.

The 158 registered participants were welcomed with a keynote presentation by Anshuman (Associate Director, TERI) on the water pollution related challenges that India faces. This was followed by presentations from five EU-India Water Projects  detailing their approach, objectives, demonstration sites and first outcomes to tackle water pollution. The webinar ended with a lively Q&A session and panel discussion with all project representatives.

Joint Webinar Towards Zero Pollution in India

Relive the event in our webinar video

Download the presentations here

Webinar EU Green Week – Keynote by Anshuman (TERI) on Water Pollution

Webinar EU Green Week – PANIWATER

Webinar EU Green Week – LOTUS

Webinar EU Green Week – India H20

Webinar EU Green Week – Pavitra Ganga

Webinar EU Green Week – PAVITR