Education and training

An important aspect of PAVITRA GANGA is to build the capacity of Indian water professionals through establishing a technology and learning network. Aspects covered include creating awareness of existing wastewater problems and providing training on how to effectively design, implement and manage the demonstrated wastewater treatment technologies and monitoring solutions.


  • creating awareness of existing wastewater problems and PAVITRA GANGA technologies that provide a solution

  • training Indian water professionals how to effectively design, implement and manage the demonstrated wastewater treatment technologies and monitoring solutions

  • Raising awareness of specific Indian wastewater condition, economic framework and problems, such as climate (monsoon), important and emerging pollutants, specific standards and regulations (focussed on EU water professionals)

Pavitra Ganga Training Workshops

Pavitra Ganga will organise training workshops for the stakeholders in India and to share information, techniques and technologies. These workshops will mainly place in 2022 and 2023.

Following thematical workshops are planned:

Water management decision support systems

The use and application of Sensorview®, a web-based water quality and water quantity dashboard (GIS viewer and time-series analysis) will be presented in a workshop to provide operational dashboards for water quality alerts and control protocols.

Safety planning for wastewater reuse

A safety planning workshop will deal with the application of the WHO (2006) Guidelines in Indian settings and situations for the safe use of wastewater in agriculture.

Benchmarking water quality and quantity and use of mobile monitoring solutions

A workshop on Akvo’s data collection and monitoring tool will be given, which includes geo-tagged data collection mobile monitoring solutions (low cost sensors + smart phones) and a network of stationary real time monitoring sensors, can quickly and accurately map situations and track changes.

Multi-criteria Decision models to support regional water management

Water governance systems and multi-criteria decision analysis modelling will be presented to support regional water management.

Innovative technologies for wastewater treatment and reuse/recovery

The innovative technologies can be used as stand-alone STP, or to upgrade existing STPs, with a focus on energy/waste, heavy metal recovery. It will cover the different PAVITRA GANGA innovative technologies, as well as their combined application.

Indian wastewater, Challenges and solutions

 in this workshop we will create awareness among EU stakeholders (research, government and private) of the main challenges for India’s wastewater treatment. We will focus on the most important pollutants, emerging pollutants, specific climate and hydrological conditions, the economic framework, policy and regulatory framework, … While the focus will be on PAVITRA GANGA’s technological and non-technological solutions, we will also build capacity amongst the audience to implement other solutions in India.

More details on the Pavitra Ganga Events calendar.